Michael Christie 

The 'Quintessential ' Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies

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James & Glenda April 6th 2013, Nonsuch Mansion

We first came across Mike via Nonsuch Mansion who highly recommended him to us and

we soon realised after our first meeting with him, that he was the final piece of the

wedding that was missing. We felt that we had everything in place for the day but we

needed somebody that could bring the whole day together to help it all run smoothly and

on time, and that's where Mike fitted in perfectly. He arrived at our home to meet both of

us and our parents, and we instantly felt more relaxed, and we knew we were in good hands,

and he really took the time and effort to get to know us as a couple and run through our

day with us in fine detail. As my family come from Goa, there were certain traditions that

my parents wanted to be included in the day somehow, and Mike found ways to make all of this happen by patiently taking note of all our needs and coming up with solutions. After he left, we felt so much better and suddenly it felt as though all the months of planning were now a reality and we could actually visualise the whole wedding.

In the final weeks running up to the wedding day Mike always checked in and even took the time to meet at the venue to run through things and walk the day through, and he was very organised, professional, and patient through all meetings. When the big day arrived and we were on our way to Nonsuch from the church just seeing him greeting guests and making sure everybody was happy just relaxed us even more and we knew that the reception was in perfect hands, and all that was needed now was a glass of champagne in our hands! 

We had no problems at all on our wedding day, everything just fell into place and was held together wonderfully by Mike who took the pressure off all of the ushers, bridesmaids etc and did his job fantastically. The only problem we had was that the day just went too fast! From the speeches, to throwing the bouquet, to the first dance and all the other touches along the way he really gave our wedding that extra special feel and that was all down to his relaxed, and cheerful personality. We had so many comments about him after the wedding day and our guests loved him being there on hand to ask anything at all. He delivered a beautiful speech in the evening to kick off the speech section of the wedding, and it was a lovely gesture to us both which we won't forget.

I would say to any couple that are planning their weddings, a toastmaster is a lovely touch to your day, they take the day out of your hands, stop you worrying about the little details, and allow you to sit back and enjoy your day to the fullest. I assure you that a glimpse of Mike smiling in his fantastic suit will calm you even when your dad is singing during his speech! 

We would recommend Mike to anybody looking to hire a toastmaster, to us he was Mike the hero and our day was perfect thanks to him.